How We Work

Free Confidential Telephone Conference Call

We'll conduct a telephone conference with you to discuss your problems and advise how best we can help. This service will be invaluable as we get to crystallise your problems and outline the options available to you.


Confidential Meeting

You may feel more comfortable with a round-the-table meeting at our London office. There, we'll discuss your problems in-depth and advise you on all the available options and their likely outcomes.



Should you wish to pursue any of the recommended options, we'll outline the course it may take.



Once you accept our recommendations, we'll work in your best interests throughout until the task is complete. Our specialist services include minimising the potential for exposure to adverse court-ordered costs and other liabilities against you as debtor, creditor, company or individual.


Client Records

Your records may be returned or destroyed in accordance with your instructions.


We have a wealth of experience to benefit our clients, be they a creditor or debtor in business or as an individual. Our clients' interests are at the forefront of everything we do.