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A statutory demand can be a useful debt recovery device.

Specifically, if a company owes you a debt of £750 or more that is both undisputed and less than six years old. (For individuals, the threshold is £5,000). Then you may consider serving a statutory demand.

Subsequently, if your debtor fails to agree to payment terms within 18 days of receiving your statutory demand for payment, you can seek guidance on initiating bankruptcy or company liquidation proceedings.

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Formal Demand and

Statutory Demand

Discover how to serve a formal and statutory demand against a company in preparation for insolvency proceedings and to make someone bankrupt.



Issuing a statutory or formal demand is the first step in insolvency proceedings to wind up a debtor company...


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In the event that your debtor does not respond to your statutory demand form, it is important to take prompt action. This is done by commencing bankruptcy or company winding-up proceedings.

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